Best Methods for Odoo ERP Implementation


Best Methods for Odoo ERP Implementation

Here, We will explain how to Odoo ERP implementation can be success with best methods from our experience.

If you will follow best methods for Odoo ERP implementation chances very high to complete on time and on budget Odoo ERP implementation.

Best Methods for Odoo ERP Implementation:

1. Understand Client Business with Discussion

When you will start ERP implementation try to understand client business. Learn how they working, where they required automation? Where not?

Take points wise requirements details. So you and your team can understand easily for further use.

2. Requirements Mapping with Odoo Modules

After you have understanding of business requirements for ERP implementation can start following steps:

  • Get Analysis on Odoo modules which modules can give standards functionality to achieve requirements. Can take help of Odoo Experts.
  • What are requirement not achieved in-standard for that you can look for third party module or customization.
  • How many servers you required as per client requirements. If don’t have any specification from client can plan two servers. One for Testing and another for Production.

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3. Estimate Timeline

Base on requirements need to plan estimate timeline. For timeline you can ask following questions to your self:

  • When you can completed development and QA check for specific requirement?
  • When can start demo for review with client for feedback of developed requirements?
  • When data migration will done?
  • When bug fixing can be done after client review and UAT?
3. Customization

For customization you can follow following steps:

  • Custom development get assign to development team.
  • After development get done. Assign to QA team for quality checks.
  • Passed from QA stage. Check functional flow of business process.
  • Run full cycle of business requirements.
  • Checks for process are implemented properly.
4. Domo and Review with Clients

Now time to get demonstrate and take feedback from client.

In this process register issues for further improvements base on client feedback. When reviewed done with client. You can assign bug to development team for fix. After bug fixing, Can start UAT (User Acceptance Testing).

Here, We recommend two phase of UAT.

  • First UAT for process test and bug register.
  • Another for first UAT bug review with real data.
5. Data Migration

From requirements and development phase you will get what are data need to migrate and what not. Base on that need prepare data migration template and share with clients so they will provide data or you can prepare data with taking help of clients.

Once you have data in templates you can start import. After import get done. Can review with client for feedback of data. Where you can check original data and imported data. If found gap need to fix.

6. Go live

On go live date need take care about users access rights. If user get bug need solve in minimum time for user convenient.

In this process get any any data related issue get need solve from SQL or any other way.

7. Support

In support phase, Need to provide solutions for bug and functional question raised by users. Where you can assign some person for support.

Once follow above steps chances very high to get success for Odoo ERP and any ERP implementation.

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